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Youth United Way


Youth United Way is a successful group of 8th-12th grade students who work together to raise funds for youth and hunger programs in our community. Each winter Youth United Way holds an annual fundraising event, "Empty Bowls," a fundraising dinner planned and executed by the youth. In the spring, Youth United Way accepts applications from local youth and hunger organizations and allocates the money raised throughout the year to the organizations based right in the Stillwater Area.

"Youth United Way is an important asset to our community, providing kids and opportunity to get involved and help our neighbors in need. Service to others is an important outcome for students in our new strategic plan."

Corey Lunn, Former Stillwater Area School Superintendent



Can you join Youth United Way?

YES!  Youth United Way is always accepting new members! If you would like to be a part of Youth United Way, contact Lois by email for more information.

Interesting Facts and Stats about Youth United Way

Youth United Way has raised and allocated more than $20,000 to local youth and hunger programs in the Stillwater Area.

Local Organizations who have received funding from Youth United Way:

  • Valley Outreach
  • YoungLives
  • School District 834
  • Youth Advantage
  • FamilyMeans
  • Canvas Health
  • Courage Center
  • Portico Health
  • Community Thread


Youth United Way kicked off their new year on Monday, September 15 with over 30 students attending the event!