Community Investment Volunteer


Annually a group of more than 40 volunteers serve on the Community Investment committee, under UWWCE Board President Elect and Washington County Sheriff, Dan Starry’s leadership. This committee is responsible for making critical funding decisions on behalf of our United Way of Washington County - East through a formal review process including: the review of funding applications, conducting site visits and making recommendations for specific awards to the UWWCE Board of Directors.


Community Advancement consists of members of the United Way of Washington County East Board of Directors, healthcare professionals, Washington County professionals, business professionals and community members. The vision for this group is to understand our partner agencies’ current abilities, and their plans, to reach for community change. We can then invest in them and their programs more effectively. We have a formal partnership with Washington County Public Health and Environment that manages a model that supports and measures the impact of our agencies utilizing Results Based Accountability (RBA). We are currently in the final phase of the RBA model system prior to releasing our scorecard representing the impact of each organization while emphasizing the opportunities. Each funded agency annually submits three impact reports, consisting of two quarterly and one final report. These reports are compiled and entered into a database that measures against our four funding/impact areas. These ongoing results will support decisions made regarding funding of partnering agencies and help keep them accountable for their development and continued progress of their program measurements.


If you are interested in serving on the Community Investment panel committee, please fill out the following application:

CI Volunteer Application 

Applications can be emailed to Lois Conn at

United Way of Washington County East
P.O. Box 305
1825 Curve Crest Blvd. 
Stillwater, MN 55082